Came across some vintage maps of our solar system and thought it'd be cool to create a generator for such maps.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. So, feel free to use it in your games/art with attribution (helps support the original work)

How to use:

  • Click on the tool to generate a new version
  • Names of the  star, planets, constellation and comets are dynamically updated across the map
  • More features coming soon...
Updated 23 days ago
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TagsGenerator, Sci-fi
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is there a way to make a version of this that is editable and not just random generation that would be really good for something im wokring on

I didn't know I was missing it until I found it.  Awesome!


Loving the way all this looks, really something I haven't seen before and it's great. Have you put any thought into making any part of this customizeable? Number of planets, name changes, maybe changing the number of comets (or whether there's a comet in the first place)?


I love the aesthetic, but it'd be even better if there was a degree of customization as well: Renaming the objects, perhaps even being able to add or remove planets?

Also, for some reason all the comet orbits seem to look the same.

Other than that, it's a very nice generator and I look forward to seeing the new features as they're implemented.


Very cool. Any chance of being able to rename the sector and planets? 


This is really nice.
I notice that the number of planets in the flavour text is much bigger than shown on the map and table though.


Generally, really like this generator :)

However, there always is a single comet, not 2, 3, or none - and it always comes in from the left.

Tried both Edge and chrome, getting just a 'Loading Screen'

Sorry about that .. thanks for reporting . But I just tried Chrome, Safari and Firefox and it's working on them. What Chrome version are you on?

Version 99.0.4844.51 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I may not have all of java set up, I am on windows 11.


wow this generator is awesome! thanks!

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You should also incorporate Nasa's Exoplanet Catalog to create vintage maps of actual known solar systems:

This is awesome! Is there any way I could link this externally? as in have it run and display outside of itch?

Glad you liked it.

About sharing externally: Not at the moment sorry. 

I do plan to publish this as a standalone app with the option of adding the seed in the URL so you can either use the main URL for a randomly generated map, or  use a URL with seed so it'll always return the map specific to that seed. 

It's in my TODO list and will ping you once I publish a standalone app

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Also, I'm curious... what's your use case of sharing it externally outside of Itch? Users don't have to be logged into Itch to see the map

Will help me prioritize my TODO list :-) 


Ah I am working on a virtual tabletop with a bunch of built in tools especially for solo and gm-less games. Thought it would be a great add on if possible. Looking forward to how this develops and will be following closely.

This is pretty badass.